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Wild Rides

I've been very busy lately with starting up this new store. It has definitely, by definition, been a wild ride. We have currently hired over 30 new employees and are training them all simultaneously while building the store and putting it together. It has been amazing to see them get along so well and develop so quickly. I have learned a lot these past few weeks when it comes to different management skills that are required to task out this many people doing a huge variety of tasks.

The store is looking amazing. I have gotten to watch the white dust fill every wall to merchandise filling every corner. It is an experience that I'm very honored to be able to be apart of and to run from start to finish. We will be the epicenter to a very wealthy section of the bay area and a brand new development where tons of people will be coming to visit. I'm excited for the grand opening that is less than a week away. Till the next time...

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