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Ren Stolze is a Sound Engineer and Sales Management/Leadership Specialist. She has worked with artists like Zack Wylde, John Petrucci, Metallica, and Martina McBride in both sales and live sound engineering. She has managed multiple musical retailers that sell between $9-17 million annually with up to 60 direct reports. She is a member of the Women’s Initiative to Music that helps to bring a positive influence to women and diversity/inclusion in the music industry today. Ren has been able to establish connections with a community of musicians and helping them engage with new products and sponsoring events with manufacturers through social media engagement, event planning and front line sales. She is a Certified Gibson and Martin specialists; and has over 10 years of experience in vintage musical acquisition and evaluation. Ren Stolze has a drive and passion of product knowledge and experimentation that has allowed her the opportunity to work with the music industries finest manufacturers and high-end clientele.

Ren Stolze started shooting photographs in 2003. She primarily works in portraiture and fashion. After receiving a vintage Pentax camera in her teens she started to capture every moment she could. In 2006, she began to focus on portraiture and the human form. She later became consumed in fashion. She now lives in San Francisco where she is working more frequently on videography and film editing. She is currently working on conceptual designs for music videos and her own music project. Her project Oh Dear, will have an EP releasing soon called Warmth and Wrath with a cinematic soundscape. She is also currently working on an R&B centered album. For more information please contact below.

You can follow her music through the links below:





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