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Week 2 Analysis: Brands and Human Connections / Curating 3

Within this Dove commercial, we are looking at women that are ranging from the ages of 25-50 years old. They are ones who have self-confidence issues and are asked to describe themselves to a sketch artist. They are getting the opportunity to showcase how they see themselves and find out that others will be describing how they view the women that describe themselves. These women look like they are in the middle class and have been told about flaws they have from other people including family. When asked to describe themselves, they immediately focus and exaggerate parts of their face that they don’t like. This commercial was a great representation of Dove because it shows the power of having confidence in yourself. Dove is a hygienic product that helps keep people clean and feel fresh throughout the day so they can feel their best selves. This commercial really speaks to the audience by showing how different the view is of someone’s perspective of themselves and how they are seen by others. People will choose to see the best in others and describe them in a more positive light than when they see themselves. This shows how important it is to have confidence in the good aspects of yourself and focus on that instead. This was most visually shown when the women were able to see the drawings of how others described them. I think this advertisement became so successful because of how powerful it is to see these individuals realize that they are far more beautiful to other people than how they see themselves. The relatable content stems from how many people have self-confidence issues and nit-pick the traits they don’t like about themselves. However, in reality, when we view others we choose to look at the best someone has to offer when we look at initial first impressions. This was shown through the alternative sketch description given by a stranger. This advertisement speaks to a lot of justifications of self-worth and how people want to see the best in themselves. By adding Dove into this advertisement, it shows people they can achieve this with Dove products. When this commercial is shared through different media channels, it can be received by more women to expand the message. With such relatable content comes the chance of viral media sharing. The message that Dove was able to portray is one that needed to be heard because there is a very big shadow of body shaming that has been a standard on women for a very long time. Positive messages like these will create media buzz by promoting self-worth. However, the relate-ability of this commercial comes from the flaws we all have and our perspectives that we can possibly change by looking at ourselves differently. We have the opportunity to turn around the way we think and focus on the things about ourselves that we like and choose to cherish them. The biggest takeaway I received from this commercial was that relatable content is the key. You need to address issues that are important to people and do it in a way that will leave a mark through an interesting story. The more impactful and meaningful the story, the more potential it will have for success.

Reference: Dove (n.d). (2013). Dove Real Beauty Sketches. YouTube. Retrieved September 5th, 2018 from

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