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More New Starts

A post from April 19th, 2018

New Challenges

A good amount of time has passed and there are a lot of changes that have recently happened. I have had many ups and downs with my job as a manager for Guitar Center. I have taken on a lot more responsibility, now running two locations. It has been a lot of pressure that sometimes makes working through school more difficult as well. However, I’m still managing pretty well. We are in the middle of setting up a new Guitar Center location and I am in charge of building the new team that will run this location. I’m also running my first store manager location simultaneously. We’ve done well. They have been able to accomplish a lot in a small amount of time. The main location that I run was able to be the top store for performance on Black Friday and did an outstanding job being the number one store in performance for our district. I’m very proud of them and am taking on the challenge of this new store with open arms. It will test my abilities, but I believe that it will influence my decision making and give me great experience moving forward.

My new location will be the Guitar Center for South San Jose that opens up on August 2nd, 2018

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