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Some Time in Between

Some of these posts are being reposted right now. I apologize for the lapse in accuracy since the website has now been fully moved over to this platform. The post below is from September 20th, 2017

Moving to Gilroy

It has been a while since I have written anything about what is going on in my life working in the music industry. Since January, I have had the opportunity to take on new leadership roles with Guitar Center. I am now running one of the top ranking in sales performance Guitar Center locations in the company. We are teaching our associates how to integrate high-end sales even with limited traffic. How do we turn the psychological aspect of wants into needs? It is all about the pitch and how you present and close the product. We also just opened a lesson’s facility that I am heading. We have gained over 100 students in less than two months and growing. It is exciting to get to see new-comers to music learn to love it as much as we do. We get to watch children grow into their instruments and gain an appreciation for the sounds they can make.

I am Appreciative

  • For my team

  • My job

  • All the lessons I've learned as a Manager

Most people think that your job has to be work. Sometimes mine is but often times I prefer being there than home.

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